Would you like to have more energy, better health and improved mood and clarity? Kinesiology could help.

If you are looking for complementary or alternative therapy to help conditions like IBS or eczema, please also have a look at the pages for specific conditions.


KINESIOLOGY is the fastest growing natural healthcare system in the world today.

We live in a world with a vast amount of information, differing opinions and contradictory advice. With so much choice, it can be difficult to know what to decide about your health.

Kinesiology gives you an individualised approach to health by using feedback from the body through muscle testing.

This allows you to identify factors which might be causing ill-health and those which will give you more energy, boost your immune system and help the body deal with conditions like eczema or IBS, such as optimum nutrition or supplements.

Many people these days find themselves lacking the energy and vitality they used to have, and conditions which were considered rare in the past are becoming increasingly common. The stress and toxicity of a modern lifestyle is taking its toll on many, with many people now suffering from a lack of energy, stress and unwanted health problems.

While conventional treatment can be effective, increasingly people are turning to complementary therapies for conditions like IBS. The human body has highly efficient systems for self regulation and healing. I believe the most desirable way of achieving health is to help the body’s own healing mechanisms and encourage natural equilibrium.




People who come to Kinesiology typically have conditions such as:

・Digestive disorders
・Food sensitivities
・Skin problems
・Hormonal issues
・Stress related problems
・Joint or Back Pain
・Sports Injuries / Muscle pain

If you are looking for a complementary therapy in Cambridge for conditions such as IBS or eczema, please call to discuss how kinesiology can help you or to book an appointment.

I offer treatments and short introductory sessions to demonstrate the potential of kinesiology and its uses for you.