I will first take some notes about your medical history and lifestyle. I will then test various muscles.
You remain fully clothed in a Kinesiology session. Please wear something comfortable. Trousers are preferable to a skirt for women.

I may make suggestions regarding diet and lifestyle, including nutritional supplements, relaxation techniques or lifestyle changes. Please note that nutritional supplements are not supplied and will need to be bought separately by you. We can discuss your personal plan so as to take the cost into account.




The number of sessions depends on how serious the condition is and how long you have had it. Most people experience improvement very quickly, but people benefit from three to six visits. We can discuss this as we go.




Initial session – 90 minutes to 2 hours – £ 75

Follow up – 1 hour – £45

Consultations are in Abbey Road, Cambridge CB5


I qualified as a homeopath from CHE, Europe’s largest homeopathic college in 2008. Prior to alternative health, I had a career in the media.

My interest in kinesiology comes from having had many successes in homeopathic practice, but also finding that some people did not respond as might be expected. There could be many reasons for this, but it is likely that modern life, with its toxicity and stress, inhibits the body’s natural healing powers. Kinesiology offers a way of identifying these factors and enhancing our energy naturally.

I can offer kinesiology and homeopathic treatment, either combined or on their own.