We all require basic nutritional needs to be met, however we are very different as individuals and have different specific requirements.

A healthy digestive system is important for our health on so many levels. Of course we need to absorb all the nutrients we should get from our food and impaired function will mean that we don’t process food as well as we should.

But digestion is also responsible for a huge amount of our immune function, mainly thanks to the bacteria in our gut. Problems with the integrity or function of the intestines can also lead to systemic issues, such as sensitivities or other conditions.

Anything which interferes with healthy digestion can lead to a number of conditions, and a lack of energy, sluggishness and brain-fog.

The good news is that these problems can be very easy to help.



Using muscle testing, kinesiology can test to see which specific nutrients can be beneficial to us as individuals and pick the best formulation. You can even test to see which nutritional supplements will help specific conditions.

Muscles are controlled by electrical impulses and the nervous system. When you are exposed to a factor that affects your health, this will be registered by your nervous system and will show in a muscle test.

In this way, we can find a trigger for an issue, or nutrition, which may be relevant to a specific condition. For instance, certain grains can trigger inflammation in the bowels and contribute to IBS. Conversely, a deficiency in omega oils can contribute to skin conditions, such as psoriasis.

As well as having techniques that can help improve digestion and general health, I may recommend some lifestyle or dietary changes, including nutritional supplements. Any supplements are not supplied as part of the therapy and will need to be purchased separately.




While we have so much variety available in our diets these days, intensive farming methods and the use of chemicals mean that the modern diet is deficient in certain minerals, vitamins and other factors and is falling far short of our requirements. It has been stated by various authorities that supplements are increasingly important to meet our nutritional needs.


Processed food not only make it harder to get all the nutrition we need, but also that our digestive system can be compromised, creating further problems. Identifying the foods that undermine your health and whether you are deficient in any nutrients is vital for long term health. While it would be ideal to get all we need from our diet, it may well be wise to think about supplements to ensure a healthy future.

I only use high quality, well researched products from a small group of companies.
Please note that nutritional supplements are not supplied and will need to be bought separately.




The JAMA published reports that vitamins and selenium decreases the incidence of some cancers.

The WHO has identified nutrition (or lack of) as the second cause of cancer after smoking. Around 35% of cancers could be prevented through nutrition.

Researchers at the University of California find that vitamin D deficiency lowers life expectancy.