Kinesiology is often used to test for sensitivities, such as food intolerances or environmental toxins.

Many practitioners believe that the toxic load of modern living is the hidden cause of many health problems. In a world with so many chemicals, stimulants and so much mass processing of foods, there is bound to be an effect on our bodies. Careful and well proven testing with kinesiology can identify these toxins and provide a solution.

The aim is to find the right nutrition and identify factors that we are sensitive to, which can provide an excellent basis for recovery from certain conditions.


Treating sensitivities and intolerances is an area which is the subject of some debate. Clearly it is an area to be very careful with, but it is easy to be sensible about as well. It is usually very clear to both kinesiologist and the client if a certain factor makes a difference. This is one of the great benefits of a system where the feedback is instant and can be felt physically by the client.

I believe it is important to see any therapy as part of a whole treatment plan, complementary rather than alternative, and to give the individual the responsibility for their own health.